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Editing Photos & Listing on Ebay

This is how I edit photos for my Ebay and Etsy listings:

You can see I’m listing video game stuff for my son. He lives video games but decided to clean house a bit.

This is my listing process:

Hello Ebay!

Life has been so strange lately.  Have you ever had that feeling that things are about to change but you don’t know how?  I had that feeling a few months ago, and boy have things changed since then.

I used to sell a lot of my products, mostly Suncatcher Craft Eyes, on Amazon.  That changed recently when Amazon changed some of their policies.  It is no longer worth it for me to send products in to Amazon’s warehouse and have them sell and ship them for me.  It was costing me twice what it would cost on my own website or even Ebay.  So I switched to merchant fulfilled, which means my products are still on Amazon, but I’m shipping them myself.  More on that in this video:

To cover the lost income from Amazon, I started selling on Ebay, both my own products and vintage items.  It’s been a journey and a really fun one at that!  I’ve learned a lot over the last couple months, and I want to share some tips and tricks for selling on Ebay, so my new hobby is making videos while I list on Ebay.  Most of these have information I wish I’d known when I started.

Of course my Suncatcher Craft Eyes  website is still going strong, and so is Etsy.  I can’t wait to see what this new journey brings!

Take care, stay warm, and let’s hope this snow lets up sometime soon!


Customer service – The backbone of a small business

custservThis week a few things happened that really made me think about the importance of good customer service.  I always try to provide the best customer service I can in my business, and customers really appreciate it.  It can be as simple as writing “thank you” on the packing slip or invoice, shipping orders earlier than expected, making sure to package your items nicely for shipping, and making a hassle-free exchange or refund policy.  I’m usually on the business side of customer service, but this week I was on the receiving end of excellent customer service.  Now I understand why some of my customers are surprised by the customer care I provide.

The first surprise I got was from my internet company.  I’ve had problems with my internet connection since I switched plans in October … same company, just different plan of service.  After lots of repair visits and changes to my account, it’s finally working right.  The surprise came when my account rep. told me he would be giving me a month of free service because of what happened.  It was a really good feeling to know that they cared about my satisfaction with their service.

The other surprise I got was when I called the company that made my Ninja blender.  I love my Ninja – it can turn shredded coconut into coconut cream in less than 5 minutes and makes the smoothest sauces.  The problem was a design flaw in the handle where food and water got stuck and couldn’t be cleaned.  I called to ask if there was a way to take apart the handle to clean it because I didn’t want to break it.  What a surprise when they said they would be sending me out a new pitcher and locking lid!  I really felt like a valued customer and felt they went above and beyond to respond to my needs as a customer.

After these experiences this week, I am more motivated than ever to provide the best customer service I possibly can.  As a small business owner, my customers are my livelihood.  I appreciate every order whether it’s $3 or $300.  I am so thankful for every comment, good or bad, that customers take the time to send me.  The good comments make me feel good and let me know what I’m doing right, but the negative comments are even more important as they help me improve my business and make it better.

I take advantage of the post office!


I admit it.  The U.S. Post Office has a service that I take advantage of 2 to 3 times a week, and it really helps my business.  If you ship at least 1 package by Priority Mail, you qualify for free pickup.  Many days I have lots of smaller orders but no Priority Mail orders.  On those days, especially if I’m not planning to run errands, I will pay a little bit extra to upgrade a large order from First Class Mail to Priority Mail in order to qualify for free pickup.  It’s an easy way for me to ensure I’m able to mail orders every day for less money than the gas it would take to drive to the post office.  So if you place a large order, don’t be surprised if you get it faster than you expected in a Priority Mail padded envelope.  It’s a little something special from me and the post office.

How do you attach metal washers?

The 4.5mm and 6mm eyes come with their own unique metal washers.  Here is how to apply them.

The stem of the eye is inserted in this side of the washer:


Not this side:


Insert the end of the stem into the washer, and then use both thumbs to push the washer while using your fingers to push the eye down into the stem.  As the stem is pushed through the washer, the 2 small metal arms expand, holding the eye stem in place like this:


Tip:  If you do not have the hand strength to push the washer onto the eye stem, place the eye stem side up on a hard surface like a counter top, put the washer on the stem, and then press down with your thumbs on the washer.  It should slide on easier for you this way.

Have a click pen handy?


Remove the ink well from the pen, and the end will fit over the stem.  Use it as a tool to press down on the eye stem like this:


The pen trick will only work for small eyes from 4.5mm to 6mm.  For larger eyes, use the handle of an interchangeable screwdriver.  Fits perfectly and it’s ergonomic.