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Thank you for 10 wonderful years!


Thank you all so much for your support through these last 10+ years.  Every day I feel so grateful and blessed to be able to run this business and play with colors all day.  It’s honestly a dream come true.  As a little girl I wanted to grow up and color movie cells (before the age of digital films).  This business comes pretty darn close to my dream.  I couldn’t have come this far without all of you, my wonderful customers.

A little over 10 years ago, my business began on Etsy with crocheted hats and dolls and things.  That led me to using craft eyes.  I became bored with them very quickly and thought there should be more colorful choices, and that is when Suncatcher Craft Eyes was born.

Ten years later and here I am, working with incredible crafters and artists who amaze me every day with their creativity.  I love seeing everyone’s different styles of crafting and the new patterns and projects you create.

Thank you for allowing me to be a tiny part of your projects.  I look forward to many more years of working with you.


Glow-in-the-dark Craft Eyes

glowing-adglowing-adglowIt’s that time of year again.  Fall is almost here, and Halloween is less than 2 months away.  Click the image above to shop for your glow-in-the-dark craft eyes.

Happy crafting!

Last chance for glitter! (and coupon codes!)

facebook giveaway.jpg

This week is your last chance to stock up on glitter craft eyes until November 2016.  Available coupon codes include HAPPY2016 to save 10% off any order and BULK25 to save 25% on any order over $100 US.

Wish I could offer these year-round, but they can’t withstand the high temperatures in mail trucks (over 150F!).

Thanks to everyone for your continuted support and encouragement.  Happy Spring!

Do you get the newsletter?


The Suncatcher Craft Eyes email newsletter is sent out during the first week of each month, and it’s short and sweet.  I include a few product updates and also a coupon code.  This morning I deleted over 300 people from the newsletter mailing list because they never confirmed their subscription.  If you subscribe, look for the confirmation email and follow the link to confirm your subscription, otherwise you won’t get the newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed.  A new newsletter was sent out this morning.

Happy crafting!

Product review by Featherby & Friends

Mia Kayla

Alicia Moore of Featherby & Friends makes the cutest dolls called Big Sister and Little Sister dolls, and she tried and reviewed Suncatcher Craft Eyes!  You can read her full review on her blog, Chickadee Press.

You can read her review of sleepy Suncatcher Craft Eyes by clicking this adorable little polar bear:

Nanuk Logo (1280x1108)

Thank you Alicia!

Visit Suncatcher Craft Eyes to see our entire collection of craft eyes in sizes 4.5mm all the way up to 40mm.

Visit me on YouTube to see my daily videos and behind the scenes (with a lot about chickens!).

Product review by La Rose du Rang

Special thanks to Karine of La Rose du Rang ( La rose du rang ) for reviewing Suncatcher Craft Eyes and even creating a special design with them! Love that this blog is in French and English: La Rose du Rang blog  (scroll down for English)

This is the doll she made with her Suncatcher Craft Eyes, isn’t she sweet?:


Suncatcher Craft Eyes color styles

These are some photo videos of the different color styles of my craft eyes:  Opaque, Shimmer, Translucent, and Glitter.  I’ve ordered a professional camera, so future photos should be much better quality!

This week on Instagram


This week there were a lot of pretty colors shipping out all over the world – Canada, Iceland, France, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, and of course the U.S.

The purple and blue flower eyes and the black frosted craft eyes are heading to some crafters for product reviews.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!



Let’s collaborate!


Are you a crafter with a large following?  Would you like to do a product review of Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Contact me at!  I’d love to send you some Suncatcher Craft Eyes to try out.

This coming year I would love to collaborate with pattern designers on special projects.  I can create a signature color specific to your project or maybe even a special design.  Let’s work together!  Contact me at and let’s talk.

Do you know of a designer who would be a good fit to collaborate with Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Comment below and let me know.  I’d be happy to contact them.


This week in photos

Project8.jpgThese are some photos from my Instagram this week.  I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all the orders that shipped this week, but these are some of my favorite colors.

Some close family (that don’t read this blog so I can share it here) are moving into a new house soon, and I’m knitting them all afghans.  They moved here from Florida a few months ago, so they’re not used to extreme cold (not that we’ve had any this year yet – so weird).  The red & white afghan in the photo is the first one I’m making, and I’m almost done.  This yarn is super soft.

I had to get a pic of Ollie sleeping on my lap.  He’s such a cuddle bug.

The chicken is my rooster Buttless.  We call him that because out of all the Easter Egger chicks we got, he had no tail.  Turns out it’s because he’s part Americauna, and they’re rumpless.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!