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Time to prepare for the holidays!

order earlyIt’s that time of year again.  Summer is almost over, and school will be starting soon.  Then there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  These are all wonderful crafting opportunities, but they’re also the reason I get really busy this time of year.

I would like to encourage you to plan ahead and get your orders in early this year.  My busy season seems to start earlier every year.  I’m stocking up to be prepared for all orders big or small.

Usually by October I have to extend the order preparation time from 5 to 7 business days to 7 to 10 business days.  I hate to do it, but it’s necessary in order to get everyone’s order filled in a timely manner.  This extension lasts until around February or March.

To help you stock up, there are 2 active coupon codes:

HAPPY2016 – save 10% off any order
BULK25 – save 25% on any order over $100 US
Happy crafting!

Last chance for glitter! (and coupon codes!)

facebook giveaway.jpg

This week is your last chance to stock up on glitter craft eyes until November 2016.  Available coupon codes include HAPPY2016 to save 10% off any order and BULK25 to save 25% on any order over $100 US.

Wish I could offer these year-round, but they can’t withstand the high temperatures in mail trucks (over 150F!).

Thanks to everyone for your continuted support and encouragement.  Happy Spring!