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Memoral Day Savings!


Save 25% off your order with coupon code MDWEEKEND, good through Monday, May 26.  I hope everyone has a save and relaxing Memorial Day!

Saving on international postage & a group order form

ImageInternational shipping is ridiculously expensive now, so I’ve been thinking of ways you guys can save money when you order.  The actually shipping costs can’t change, but you can change the way you order.

The first way to save on shipping is to buy more in one order rather than buying lots of smaller orders.  Some people are good planners and can figure out how many pair of craft eyes they need to last them a few months or more.  If so, buy them all at once and save yourself some money on postage.

Are you a regular at a yarn shop or knitting/crocheting group?  Why not get together and place a group order?  That way the shipping cost is divided among the group members.  I’ve put together a handy group order form to print out.  Have everyone fill in their order and then divide up the shipping cost among everyone ordering.  You don’t even need to fill out the order online if you can scan it on your scanner/printer.  Email me the scan, and I will send a PayPal invoice to your email address for the order.

Finally, why not use the buddy system?  If you know someone who lives close by who also uses Suncatcher Craft Eyes, why not order together?

Here’s the link to the new shipping prices since the U.S. Post Office rate increase.

I hope these ideas help you save on international shipping costs.  I feel so bad charging the new rates (and even worse when I’m printing postage) Yikes!