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Match the Movies: Penguins of Madagascar and Home

There’s a new Penguins of Madagascar movie coming in November 2015!

These characters all have sky blue eyes.  Choose either translucent sky blue or shimmer sky blue:




Private as a baby is super cute, and he has bright sky blue eyes.


Translucent Sky Blue

Translucent Sky Blue


Shimmer Sky Blue

Here’s a character from Penguins of Madagascar with brown eyes:


Choose either translucent brown or shimmer dark brown for this guy.


Translucent brown

Bark Brown

Shimmer dark brown




Custom colors? You bet!


js stole

Suncatcher Craft Eyes come in a wide range of stock colors and styles, but did you know that I can work with you to match the color(s) of your project?  I’ve worked with fashion designers, toy manufacturers, and Broadway puppeteers to create a custom look for their projects.

Designing a toy-making kit?  Why not make it really pop with custom-color eyes not found anywhere else?

Let us help you make the most of your creations.  Suncatcher Craft Eyes can be matched to swatches and photos.  Contact me at for more information.