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Chicken update (

My lavender orpingtons are now 4 weeks old and fully feathered, so they’re outta here!  Seriously, their games of keepaway were driving me nuts.  One of them would pick up a weed and run around the cage with it, and the others would screech and give chase.  At least they’re happy chickens.

First day out in the coop.

First day out in the coop.

They’re in a medium-size dog kennel out in the indoor run in my garage.  All sides are covered except the front so the larger Easter Eggers (2 months old) won’t get to them and they can all get used to each other.  Once the little ones are closer in size to the others, I’ll add them to the coop.

This is the setup right now.  The big birds have the coop to themselves, and their sharing the indoor run with the littles.  The big chickens can see the little ones but not get to them.  The littles will be covered at night with polar fleece to keep out the cold drafts.


So far they’re adjusting really well, eating and running around.  Nobody is huddled up or crying.  So far so good!

My office is so quiet now!  I’m enjoying it, and I should be able to get a lot more work done!

P.S.  I’ve got 3 male Easter Eggers (so sad my rumpless is a male) and 3 male lavender orpingtons.  Thinking I may give away/sell 2 of each so I have a good mix of roos to hens.