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Product review by Featherby & Friends

Mia Kayla

Alicia Moore of Featherby & Friends makes the cutest dolls called Big Sister and Little Sister dolls, and she tried and reviewed Suncatcher Craft Eyes!  You can read her full review on her blog, Chickadee Press.

You can read her review of sleepy Suncatcher Craft Eyes by clicking this adorable little polar bear:

Nanuk Logo (1280x1108)

Thank you Alicia!

Visit Suncatcher Craft Eyes to see our entire collection of craft eyes in sizes 4.5mm all the way up to 40mm.

Visit me on YouTube to see my daily videos and behind the scenes (with a lot about chickens!).

Suncatcher Craft Eyes color styles

These are some photo videos of the different color styles of my craft eyes:  Opaque, Shimmer, Translucent, and Glitter.  I’ve ordered a professional camera, so future photos should be much better quality!

Let’s collaborate!


Are you a crafter with a large following?  Would you like to do a product review of Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Contact me at!  I’d love to send you some Suncatcher Craft Eyes to try out.

This coming year I would love to collaborate with pattern designers on special projects.  I can create a signature color specific to your project or maybe even a special design.  Let’s work together!  Contact me at and let’s talk.

Do you know of a designer who would be a good fit to collaborate with Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Comment below and let me know.  I’d be happy to contact them.


How to attach metal washers to craft eyes

This quick tutorial will show you how to attach metal washers to craft eyes.  All 3 metal washer styles (at least for Suncatcher Craft Eyes) attach the same way.

These photos show how the washers go on 9mm, 10.5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 24mm craft eyes:20150921_083223 20150921_083232  20150921_083457

These photos show how the metal washers attach for 30mm craft eyes:

20150921_08325720150921_083245 20150921_083443

These photos show how the washer attaches on 4.5mm and 6mm craft eyes:

20150921_083333 20150921_083342 20150921_08340620150921_083420

The metal washers are put on with the concave (indented) side toward the eye.  You will see that the prongs of the washer are slightly bent outward on one side, and that is the side that goes away from the eye.  As the washer slides along the stem, the little prongs will bend outward more and grip onto the stem, holding the eye securely.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about attaching washers to your craft eyes.

Happy Crafting!

Oops! It’s giveaway time!


Congratulations to our winners:  Susan, Mia, Petra, Melissa, and Moby Knit! 

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest.  There will be more giveaways in the future, so be sure to follow this blog by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of this page that looks like this:Project4

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get notifications about my upcoming giveaways:





Prizes include:

*Pack of 7 pair of Glow in the Dark yellow 7.5mm cat eyes (oval pupils) – Winner: Susan H.

*Pack of 2 pair of neon orange 7.5mm regular craft eyes (round pupils) – Winner: Mia A.

*Pack of 1 pair of neon orange 12mm cat eyes (oval pupils) – Winner: Petra E.

*Pack of 1 pair of neon orange 7.5mm cat eyes (oval pupils) –  Winner: Melissa S.

*Pack of 1 Pair of neon orange 9mm cat eyes (oval pupils) – Moby Knit


My “oops” giveaways will now be taking place on my blog since Facebook has changed their rules and restricted giveaways so stay tuned for more!

Good luck!

Want to choose your own Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Click here to shop now!

What’s an “oops” giveaway?  It’s when I paint the wrong size or wrong color, etc.  When I goof, that’s when I’ll hold a giveaway to give them away.  These eyes are not damaged or returns.  Best of all, I paint a lot of eyes so there are usually “oopsies” every week.  Stay tuned and follow my blog so you don’t miss any of these giveaways!


We have a winner in the Amy Gaines Forest Friends giveaway!


Congratulations to ND!  You will be receiving an email shortly with instructions.  Thanks to everyone for joining us in this fun giveaway.  Special thanks goes to Amy Gaines for joining me in this giveaway.  To see more of her adorable crochet patterns, visit her Facebook page here or her Etsy page here.

CONTEST HAS ENDED Enter to win a crochet pattern by Amy Gaines and Suncatcher Craft Eyes to go with it!


Congratulations to ND!  Thanks to everyone for participating.

Amy Gaines and I have teamed up to create an awesome giveaway for you!  The winner will receive the Forest Friends pattern collection by Amy Gaines Amigurumi Patterns along with a $10 gift code to use on the Suncatcher Craft Eyes website so you can chose which custom craft eyes to use on your animals.  Sounds great, right?  It’s easy to enter.  Follow the instructions on this widget below and comment on this blog post for your chance to win.

Amy Gaines/Suncatcher Craft Eyes Giveaway

Good luck!

Lots of autumn brown craft eyes on their way to Idaho

Lots of autumn brown craft eyes on their way to Idaho

Glitter blue craft eyes shipping to Las Vegas.

Glitter blue craft eyes shipping to Las Vegas.

Glitter aqua craft eyes heading to Massachusetts

Glitter aqua craft eyes heading to Massachusetts