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Black Friday coupon code


Click the image above to shop.  I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

Suncatcher Craft Eyes color styles

These are some photo videos of the different color styles of my craft eyes:  Opaque, Shimmer, Translucent, and Glitter.  I’ve ordered a professional camera, so future photos should be much better quality!

Let’s collaborate!


Are you a crafter with a large following?  Would you like to do a product review of Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Contact me at!  I’d love to send you some Suncatcher Craft Eyes to try out.

This coming year I would love to collaborate with pattern designers on special projects.  I can create a signature color specific to your project or maybe even a special design.  Let’s work together!  Contact me at and let’s talk.

Do you know of a designer who would be a good fit to collaborate with Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Comment below and let me know.  I’d be happy to contact them.


Save 25% through November 30th!


Use the coupon code THANKSGIVING to save 25% at checkout at Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

Now’s a great time to stock up for holiday gifts.

Instagram this week

insta1These are some of the orders shipped this week as well as a shot of my cauliflower and carrot soup.

Help us celebrate reaching 3000 fans on Facebook

3000 giveaway

THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER.  Congratulations to Teresa Kiser-Townsend and
Alyssa Otter Sheldon!

Thanks so much to everyone who liked Suncatcher Craft Eyes on Facebook!  To celebrate reaching 3000 fans, I’m giving away 60 pair of  Suncatcher Craft Eyes (10 colors in 6 sizes) to 2 winners.

Visit my Facebook page by clicking the image above or going here to enter the giveaway.

Visit the Suncatcher Craft Eyes website to see our entire collection and to shop for you custom craft eyes.

A little update from this week

It’s been such a busy few weeks.  I’m reorganizing my business model to create more free time so I’m not working 10 hours a day.  Last week I actually took almost a whole day off.  It was wonderful.

Here are a few of the orders that shipped this week.  I’m try to take more photos to share with you.  Follow me on Instagram to see lots more.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4

Fleecify sent me this photo of her Anakin and Obiwon.  She’s so talented!


What I’m working on today, 12/18/2014

20141218_120354 Blues and greens shipping tomorrow.

20141218_120612Lime frosted.

20141218_120716 Cat green (sage green with a hint of gold).

20141218_120920Glow-in-the-dark orange.

20141218_203701 Glitter peridot and gold shipping to Illinois tomorrow.

20141218_210315 This 13-pair translucent pack and shimmer sky blue cat eyes are going to Montana.

Disney’s Frozen – Eye Match

Will you be crocheting, knitting, or sewing any Frozen characters?  Here’s an eye matching guide to help you get just the right color of craft eyes for your projects.

frozen annaAnna’s eyes:

Translucent sky blue Sky blue

or Sky Blue Glitter bright blue

frozen elsaElsa’s eyes

:Aqua Translucent aqua

Tourquoise  Glitter turquoise

frozen hansHans’s eyes:

Gold Translucent gold with brown outline

Gold Glitter gold

frozen kristoffKristoff’s eyes:
Brown Translucent brown

Brown Glitter brown

Bark Brown Shimmer dark brown

frozen olafOlaf’s eyes:

single Black craft eyes in 2 sizes (one size for eyes, one size for buttons)

These are just a suggestion to matching the eyes of these characters.  If you have any characters you would like me to try to match for you, leave a comment below.