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Clearance Sale


Lots of craft eyes on clearance of up to 50% off or more with more added daily.  Click the image above to shop or go to

Clearance eyes!


I’m cleaning up my supplies for the new year, and that means lots more clearance eyes at great prices.  There is nothing wrong with these eyes.  They are ones that were painted as extras just in case there was a flaw in a big batch or I painted the wrong style or color.  These are a great inexpensive way to try out craft eyes and see if you like them.

Happy Holidays!

New Clearance Craft Eyes!


I’m cleaning out more craft eyes, and you know what that means!  More clearance eyes!  Click the image above to see all the clearance items available or search the Suncatcher Craft Eyes website with the word “clearance.” 

More clearance eyes!

ImageThese are the clearance eyes listed in my Etsy shop today.  The best part is they ship within 1 to 2 days, plenty of time for the holidays.

I’m so happy to be getting these out of my office to make more space for new eyes to be painted!  These eyes are not seconds or flawed.  They’re just leftovers from large orders or eyes that were the wrong color or size for an order.  Check back on my blog or Etsy shop.  I’ll be listing more soon.