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Why I don’t mow my lawn anymore

I used to mow my lawn at least once a week.  It was really pretty.  Then I decided that functionality is better than pretty.  Now my lawn is full of wild birds flying around looking for bugs and bees buzzing from flower to flower.  I don’t have to worry about watering it because the ground is shaded and stays fairly moist.  It has wild chamomile, plantain, and dandelion.  I give my chickens 2 big buckets full of it a day.  This fall I’ll be cutting it down and making haystacks to use for my chickens this winter.

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This week’s orders & Steven King

These are a few of the Suncatcher Craft Eyes orders that shipped this week:


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When I was out running errands yesterday, I stopped at a red light and looked over to see this:


Yes, I was in Bangor, Maine (what Steven King calls Derry in his books).  This is a Steven King tour van that takes people around to all the famous places in his books.

Homestead-wise this week I’m playing with the vintage scythe I got to cut my lawn and field.  It’s so much fun to use.  I’m also taking extra special care of my chickens since temperatures are getting into the 90s this week.  There’s watermelon in the freezer that I’ll be giving them later as a nice cold treat.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Making cream cheese & freezing eggs

My oldest son has moved out of the house to his own apartment, and I finally have the house to myself.  This comes after having my friend and her family living with me for 6 months.  I am so ready to be alone, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

This week I experimented with making my own cream cheese.  I was reading a recipe that seemed almost identical to making yogurt.  Since I make yogurt in my programmable rice cooker, how hard could it be to make cream cheese?  Not hard at all it turns out:

All of the recipes I read said that the leftover liquid would be whey.  Maybe it’s because I’m using cream from my local dairy, but the liquid I got is more like creme fraiche, which is fine with me!

On the chicken front, my oldest chickens are almost 1-1/2 years old.  That means they should be moulting soon.  When chickens moult they either slow down or stop laying altogether.  Since this is the first time these chickens will be moulting, I have no idea if they will keep laying or stop completely, or how long they will moult.  It could be a month, it could be 3 months.  That’s why I’m freezing eggs now in case there aren’t enough once they moult.  I have an herb freezing tray that I’m using to freeze raw eggs for baking.  Today I started frying eggs to freeze.  I’m flash freezing them and then putting them in freezer bags with parchment paper in between.

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Chicks are 4-1/2 weeks old and outside!

The chicks are getting too big to be in my office all day, so I made them a mobile chicken pen from 4 T posts and some plastic fencing.  I move it to a new spot every couple days.  In another couple weeks, they’ll be moved to some kind of pen inside the chicken run with the big girls so they can all get used to each other, and then the final move will be to put them in the coop.  I love seeing them outside on grass.  They spend most of their time practicing flying and playing keepaway with bugs.  So cute!

Chicks are starting to look like penguins!

It’s been a while since I updated on here, but I’m still making a couple videos a week of my black and lavender Orpington chicks.  They’ve reached the ugly phase where their new feathers are starting to grow in.

I’m also soaking their feed in water overnight before giving it to them, which is a big hit.  Now they love me LOL  Here they are this morning:

New Orpington Chicks

I just picked up a new batch of 10 Orpington chicks from a local breeder.  This is the same breeder that sold me my lavender Orpingtons last year.  I got 3 more lavenders and 7 blacks.  They’re so cute I couldn’t resist taking video of them.

I want to do a video a day.  It’s so interesting to watch them grow and see their progress.

Cold-hearty chickens are awesome!


This is a blizznado?

What is a blizznado?  The local news channel was saying that was the kind of storm we were going to get last night.  Didn’t happen.  This is today’s vlog.  Hope you enjoy.

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It’s snowing!

Caring for chickens in the winter

I live in Maine, and it’s 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning.   When it’s this cold, the chickens can’t go outside.  Since they’re stuck inside, I go out to check on them every couple hours and take them water and food.  They have their seeds and grains already, but I like to give them extras when it’s too cold for them to go outside.  This morning they got some cabbage, potato skins, and oatmeal.  Here’s what they thought of the oatmeal: