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It’s giveaway time! Ends November 20

Lots of giveaways going on over on my Facebook group.  Simply scroll down and comment on any or all of the giveaways to enter to win.  Winners will be chosen on November 20, 2016.  Good luck!

Sorry to those of you not on Facebook.  This is the best platform for me to reach the most people at this time.

Closer to goal and lots of giveaways!

Getting closer to my goal of $1600 for the GoFundMe campaign.  Thank you all so much.  There have been 20 donations so far!  Please consider checking out the campaign.  I’m offering some nice thank you gifts.  This GoFundMe is to help me stock up on craft eyes for the holiday season so that I can fill all orders that come in.

You can read/watch a video on my GoFundMe about why I need to do this campaign.  Basically some of my family members needed extra help from me over the past year, so now I don’t have the personal funds to put into my business.  Plus summer is my slow season, so there wasn’t a lot of extra business income to buy stock.  Kind of a perfect storm of sorts.  Once I get through this month and pay for this stock, things should be back to normal again.  Thank you for all your support.  Sharing this campaign on your social media helps a lot too.


There are lots of giveaways on the Suncatcher Craft Eyes Facebook page, some today and then more on Tuesday.  To enter, comment on the Facebook page posts.

Let’s collaborate!


Are you a crafter with a large following?  Would you like to do a product review of Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Contact me at!  I’d love to send you some Suncatcher Craft Eyes to try out.

This coming year I would love to collaborate with pattern designers on special projects.  I can create a signature color specific to your project or maybe even a special design.  Let’s work together!  Contact me at and let’s talk.

Do you know of a designer who would be a good fit to collaborate with Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Comment below and let me know.  I’d be happy to contact them.


Winter Sale Extravaganza!

1It’s almost time for the Winter Sale Extravaganza on Facebook featuring 15 craft designers patterns, yarn, and crafts!) spanning 15 days!  Each day there will be a featured sale by one designer and a giveaway by another!  I’m posting each one on my Facebook page, so be sure and visit me on Facebook and like my page to get updates about all the sales and giveaways.

My turn for the sale is on December 10, and then I’ll be giving away my biggest prize ever in a giveaway on December 11.  Don’t miss it!

Good luck!


Radiance cat eyes now available!

These must be the most-requested eyes ever.  I finally had a chance to get them photographed and uploaded onto the website.  They’re so pretty.  I know you’re going to love them as much as I do.  There are 13 colors to choose from in all cat eye sizes, 7.5mm up to 24mm.  Visit my online shop to see all the pretty Radiance colors of cat eyes.

To celebrate the Radiance cat eyes, I’m giving some away!  To enter, visit my Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post.


I’m sorry I can’t host a giveaway here on WordPress, but it’s against their rules.  If you have an idea of how I can hold a giveaway on multiple platforms,  please let me know.  I haven’t figured out how yet, but I’d love to include everyone.

If you haven’t yet, hit the blue “W Follow” button in the upper right-hand corner and follow my blog for lots of crafty news and product updates.

Happy crafting!

Big Holiday Giveaway Roundup

Big Holiday Giveaway

There have been hundreds of entries so far with only 3 days left to enter!  Here’s a roundup of all the Big Holiday Giveaway posts in one convenient spot.  You only have to enter once, so you’re all set if you’ve already entered.  This giveaway is so big that I’m giving extra time for everyone to get their entries in.  Winners will be chosen and contacted via email on Friday, November 21.

Day 1 –

Day 2 – Crochet Ole’

Day 3 – Forever Stitchin’

Day 4 – FreshStitches

Day 5 – Little Owls Hut

Day 6 – Little Yarn Friends

Day 7 – One and Two Company

Day 8 – PlanetJune

Do you have a favorite?  Comment below and let me know.  Did you like the way this giveaway was put together?  Let me know below what you think and if you have any ideas how I could make it better.

Check back often and follow this blog for lots more giveaways very soon.  You should see the pile of goofs I have stocked up for future giveaways!  (Not really goofs, I just paint the wrong size or the wrong color).  Plus there’s a collaboration special giveaway coming up soon too!