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Free amigurumi patterns!

Did you know that I started out writing amigurumi patterns?  Years later, they are all available for free on my website:  These are all of the free amigurumi patterns available:

Hope you like them.  If you see any corrections that need to be made, please let me know.  Thanks!

Let’s collaborate!


Are you a crafter with a large following?  Would you like to do a product review of Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Contact me at!  I’d love to send you some Suncatcher Craft Eyes to try out.

This coming year I would love to collaborate with pattern designers on special projects.  I can create a signature color specific to your project or maybe even a special design.  Let’s work together!  Contact me at and let’s talk.

Do you know of a designer who would be a good fit to collaborate with Suncatcher Craft Eyes?  Comment below and let me know.  I’d be happy to contact them.


Adorable amigurumi patterns for Spring

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Big Holiday Giveaway Roundup

Big Holiday Giveaway

There have been hundreds of entries so far with only 3 days left to enter!  Here’s a roundup of all the Big Holiday Giveaway posts in one convenient spot.  You only have to enter once, so you’re all set if you’ve already entered.  This giveaway is so big that I’m giving extra time for everyone to get their entries in.  Winners will be chosen and contacted via email on Friday, November 21.

Day 1 –

Day 2 – Crochet Ole’

Day 3 – Forever Stitchin’

Day 4 – FreshStitches

Day 5 – Little Owls Hut

Day 6 – Little Yarn Friends

Day 7 – One and Two Company

Day 8 – PlanetJune

Do you have a favorite?  Comment below and let me know.  Did you like the way this giveaway was put together?  Let me know below what you think and if you have any ideas how I could make it better.

Check back often and follow this blog for lots more giveaways very soon.  You should see the pile of goofs I have stocked up for future giveaways!  (Not really goofs, I just paint the wrong size or the wrong color).  Plus there’s a collaboration special giveaway coming up soon too!