Why I don’t feed my pets processed pet food

In other chicken news, I’m mixing my own chicken feed and scratch grains.  I look at chicken feed the same way I do dog food:  Manufactured animal feed is no better than manufactured human food.  It’s dried stuff mixed together and sprayed with something to make it appealing.  I’m not feeding my animals that stuff.  I’d rather take time once a week and mix up some kelp, oatmeal, whole corn, sunflower seeds, and flax seed for them.  That way I know exactly what they’re getting and how much.  They also get an abundance of kitchen scraps and an occasional whole cabbage hung from the tree for fun.

My dog has been eating table scraps for about a year now, and he’s doing great.  It started after the 3rd or 4th brand of dog food was recalled.  I watched an episode of How It’s Made and saw how they make dog food.  Then I read an article about how the melamine-contaminated dog food ingredient imported from China wasn’t an accident.  I’m not willing to put my dog’s health at risk feeding him that.  I like to cook a whole chicken once a week, and he gets all the leftover meat, skin, cartilage, etc.  I also boil the carcass to make a nice chicken broth and use some of that to mix with his food.

I won’t lie … at first it was hard to figure out what to feed Ollie (my dog) every day.  There wasn’t a convenient 20-pound bag of food to scoop out.  I figured out to make a little bit extra with our meal.  If I made a meat dish, I’d make an extra serving.  Now that we’re feeding 3 animals this way, we cook 2 cups of rice in the morning and then add scraps to it all day.  They get fed this once in the morning and once in the evening.  We add grease from bacon or sausage, meat scraps, leftovers from dinner the night before, etc.

Now that my family has come to stay with me with their dog, Anna, and cat, Cake (I call him Cake the assassin because he’s helping me with my mole problem); these animals are eating scraps too.  Anna had a horrible incontinence problem when she first got here.  Every day she peed somewhere in the house.  The veterinarian thought her bladder was nicked when she was fixed.  A month after being on table scraps and no dog food, the incontinence is gone.  She doesn’t go in the house at all anymore.  That says something about what’s in manufactured dog food, doesn’t it?

The benefits definitely outweigh the work involved.  They’re healthy and happy.

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