Chicken update: They like trees

I extended the chicken run to go around my big spruce tree.  I thought they would enjoy all the bugs and stuff under the tree.  I forgot that chickens can fly.  They love being up in the branches more than being on the ground.  Unfortunately that means they can get out of the run and roam around the yard.  They enjoyed this for an afternoon, and then I closed off that section of their run.  I love seeing them enjoy themselves, but we have too many predators out here (including coy wolves, bears, and wolverines).  I have a small flock as pets, and I’m not willing to suffer any ‘shrinkage.’

Onto the photos!  Here’s Buttless enjoying his time in the tree:


This is what I saw after letting the chickens out into the new section of run and going in the house for a while:

chickensinthetrees2 chickensinthetrees3

My poor lavender Orpingtons are too heavy to fly, so they had to stick to enjoying the pickings on the ground.

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  1. LOL! Now there is not a photo one sees every day! They look like happy chicks! 😀

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