Radiance cat eyes now available!

These must be the most-requested eyes ever.  I finally had a chance to get them photographed and uploaded onto the website.  They’re so pretty.  I know you’re going to love them as much as I do.  There are 13 colors to choose from in all cat eye sizes, 7.5mm up to 24mm.  Visit my online shop to see all the pretty Radiance colors of cat eyes.

To celebrate the Radiance cat eyes, I’m giving some away!  To enter, visit my Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post.


I’m sorry I can’t host a giveaway here on WordPress, but it’s against their rules.  If you have an idea of how I can hold a giveaway on multiple platforms,  please let me know.  I haven’t figured out how yet, but I’d love to include everyone.

If you haven’t yet, hit the blue “W Follow” button in the upper right-hand corner and follow my blog for lots of crafty news and product updates.

Happy crafting!

About Michelle

Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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  1. These are truly brilliant. I use your cat’s eyes for my foxes eyes and I can see these making my foxes look even better. ❤

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