We named the lavender orpingtons!

Since their heads don’t stop moving, I introduce Who?, What?, and Huh?:

chickens who what huh

Here’s Buttless.  The poor guy got stuck with that name as a chick.  We didn’t know it was a breed trait to not have a tail.  He’s coloring in nicely.  His feathers are getting more and more green shine to them, and he’s getting gold tips to his feathers.  Pretty boy.

chickens buttless chickens buttless's coloring chickens buttless's coloring2

This is Laverne.  We have a Shirley too but she was camera-shy this morning.  Laverne is a bit bigger, bossier, and has a bigger beak.

chickens laverne

A chicken hawk has flown over a few times, so we did some decorating with tulle fabric:

chicken run cover

Hope you like the photos!

About Michelle

Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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  1. Michelle your feather-babies are so adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics and story.

  2. HaHa! They are all lovely! 😀

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