Playing with my camera settings (and an excuse for chicken photos!)

Aug chickens Aug chickens2

The photos below give you a good look at their door to outside. This is the indoor run attached to their coop in the garage.  I cut a hole in the garage wall and made a door out of hardware cloth.  It closes with a latch on the right, and the wooden board you see in front of it holds the left side closed at night so no predators can get in.  My Lavender Orpingtons are almost as big as the Easter Eggers now!

orpingtons1 orpingtons2 orpingtons3

This photo below is of a full-grown Lavender Orpington from the breeder I bought mine from.  That’s a 5-gallon bucket.  They’re going to be huge!


I’ll try not to turn this into a chicken blog, but I can’t get enough of them 🙂  Back to work packing up eyes to ship today.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. I love your chicken photos. For my part you can post to your heats content. When we move to our country home we are going to get some chickens too, I can’t wait.
    Sister From the South,
    LindY G

  2. i am having chicken envy! Published a pattern today and included a plug for my favorite eyes company, Suncatcher Craft eyes!

  3. No problem! You are one VERY busy girl! Blessing on you and your family! 😀

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