Chicken update – They’re roosting together!

It’s been a total of 3 months since I bought my first 6 chickens.  After some swaps, I now have 4 Easter Eggers (1 rooster, 3 hens) and 3 Lavender Orpington hens.  They’re finally all integrated in the same coop, and I caught them roosting together last night!  Call me crazy but I’m so excited!  Now all I have to do is open their coop and indoor run doors in the morning and close them at night besides going out a couple times a day just to make sure they’re okay and to give them some kitchen scraps.  Here’s how they sleep:


Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

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  1. Yay! It must be fate that I came here today! I’m on my way to Hobby Lobby looking for eyes for my homemade Mop Dolls! I’m so glad to find a new source here! Please tell me more. Contact me at

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