Saving on postage for international orders


After the most recent U.S. postage rate hike, I started doing some math using a country with the highest postage cost.  Turns out that the heavier the package, the less the postage costs per ounce.  For example, a small 6-ounce package (say a 16-pair combo pack or a 25-pair black craft eyes pack) would cost $12.33 for shipping, which comes out to $2.05 per ounce.  Up to 8 ounces, the shipping cost stays the same, so it breaks down to $1.54 per ounce.  At 1 pound the shipping cost is $16.16 or $1.00 per ounce.  The higher the weight, the lower the shipping cost per ounce.

I feel awful having to charge so much for shipping.  Since I can’t do anything to change that, all I can do is recommend that you place 1 large order rather than several small orders to save on shipping costs in the long run, or maybe get together with a friend or group and purchase an order together to share the shipping cost.

Hope this helps.

Happy summer!

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