What a busy week!

Chickens and gardening are keeping me very busy!  The chickens are in their new temporary coop:

Inside the coop1 Inside the coop2 Inside the coop3

It took me about 8 hours to build, but I was able to build it with wood and materials I had around the house.  This should last them for at least a month, until I can build the permanent coop.

The gardens are coming along nicely too.  I’m using the Back to Eden gardening method using wood chips, and it’s working better than I had hoped.  I had an old pine tree cut down and chipped, and I’m using the space where the pine tree stood and dropped its needles year after year for a garden bed.  I planted turnip, watermelon, carrots, and cauliflower there about 5 days ago, and they’re already coming up.  In another bed near my kitchen door, I planted lettuce, green onions, red onions, dill, parsley, and spinach.  Then in the 3rd garden plot I planted cucumbers and snow peas.  I have a mole that’s been visiting that garden, so I’ll have to get some traps.  Poor thing … I hate to do it, but he moved into the wrong yard.

These are 2 of my garden beds right after planting.  Nothing much to see yet.

Garden around the stump Garden beside the porch

I’ve also given my apple trees a good pruning.  I’m giving away the apple wood if anybody in the area wants some (in Maine near Bangor).  The big one (about 30 feet tall) can’t be trimmed up high, but I’m hoping to get a good yield from it.  There are lots of baby apples on all the trees, and cherries have started forming on my cherry tree.  My next project is bagging the apples with Japanese apple bags to prevent disease and pests.

The next project is moving some of the wood chips to around the bases of the fruit trees to keep them healthy.  By the time that is all done, it’ll be time to plant another garden bed.  I’ll be keeping busy this summer, that’s for sure.

Hope you’re having a healthy and fun summer!

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