Disney’s Frozen – Eye Match

Will you be crocheting, knitting, or sewing any Frozen characters?  Here’s an eye matching guide to help you get just the right color of craft eyes for your projects.

frozen annaAnna’s eyes:

Translucent sky blue Sky blue

or Sky Blue Glitter bright blue

frozen elsaElsa’s eyes

:Aqua Translucent aqua

Tourquoise  Glitter turquoise

frozen hansHans’s eyes:

Gold Translucent gold with brown outline

Gold Glitter gold

frozen kristoffKristoff’s eyes:
Brown Translucent brown

Brown Glitter brown

Bark Brown Shimmer dark brown

frozen olafOlaf’s eyes:

single Black craft eyes in 2 sizes (one size for eyes, one size for buttons)

These are just a suggestion to matching the eyes of these characters.  If you have any characters you would like me to try to match for you, leave a comment below.

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Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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