Can I pick your brain?


I’m getting together with some of your favorite amigurumi crochet designers to bring you an awesome giveaway for the holidays.  So far the designers joining us include (in no particular order) Little Owls Hut, FreshStitches, Little Yarn Friends,, Planet June, One and Two Company, Forever Stitchin, and Crochet Ole’.  Are you excited yet?  I sure am!

I could really use your help to make this an amazing giveaway.  Where would be the best place to host this giveaway?  Facebook is good for my small giveaways; but for a giveaway this size, I’d like to open it up to everyone whether they’re on Facebook or not.  I’ve tried holding it with Google Docs on my blog, but it was rather restricting (but it was my first time using Google Docs, and I was learning as I went).  Have you seen a great giveaway layout lately or do you have some ideas that I could try or do you know of a good giveaway-hosting venue?  Please comment down below and let me know.

You guys have always give me terrific ideas, and with your help I’m sure this will be one Big Holiday Giveaway!!!  Thank you for your ideas!

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Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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  1. Very nice to meet you. I saw a nice reference to your site. I have decided this is one of my favorite places to shop. Thanks.

  2. This does indeed sound fun! I am an ami designer but not on facebook just because I am already so streeeeetched. One suggestion would be “giveaway monkey”? 😀

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