Bulk-pricing catalog now available!



Not only is the new Suncatcher Craft Eyes catalog available, but the prices are much lower!  Since I’ve changed suppliers and buy more, I’m able to pass on the savings to you!  Please contact me at support@suncatchereyes.com to get a copy of the catalog in PDF format.  All orders are placed via email to support@suncatchereyes.com, and then a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address to pay.  Minimum order of $100 for bulk pricing.

If you can’t wait for a catalog or want less than $100 of eyes, visit the Suncatcher Craft Eyes website now!

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Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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  1. I have to share my foxes with you. (made with Suncatcher eyes of course) I experimented and used the clear cat eyes but on the side for a “sly” look. I also used the more traditional orange eyes. I used your noses as well. The foxes are a big hit! Enjoy. ❤

    • Your foxes are adorable! I’d love to share them on my blog (with your link) on my blog. Would that be okay? Thanks for sharing them!

      • YES!!!! feel free to share anything. All my works feature Suncatcher eyes. The clear cat eyes pick up the color of the fox and the iris turned horizontal gives a “sneaky, cheeky” Look. ❤

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