What do you think?

I’m really happy with the clear acrylic organizers that I’ve added to my inventory, but wouldn’t a smaller one be nice to have – one you can tuck into your project bag and take with you?  These are some samples I got in the mail today.  They’re made of plastic, and the little dividers inside can be taken out if you need more room for bigger eyes/noses (up to size 24mm).  They latch closed.  What do you think?  They’re about the size of a cell phone.


Two questions for you:

1.  Should I add these to my store?  They would be $2.99.

2.  Should I add a smaller clear/black or color/black craft eyes and noses kit to my store using these?

Thanks for your input!

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Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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  1. That is a great travel size. I they would be great and kits would be good to in my opinion. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing any parts.

  2. I like them. I think they would be great for projects on the go and for when one only has a few or even one pair of something. :-D.

  3. I think it’s a great idea. I kept my eyes in their little baggies so I can grab and go when I’m doing my eyes at work. I never know what color or size will look best until I put them in. 🙂

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