Suncatcher Craft Eyes and Funky Friends GIVEAWAY!

ImageAs part of the Summer of Giveaways, I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite designers, Pauline of Funky Friends Factory.  This one is being hosted on the Funky Friends Factory blog, so check out this post for all the details

I’m so excited about this giveaway!  I’ve followed Funky Friends Factory for years, and I love checking out all the patterns.  They’re on my long list of things to do that I’ll get to when I have time (maybe when I retire? LOL).  Have you seen all the adorable sewing patterns at Funky Friends Factory yet?   There are patterns for ducks, camels, chickens, dolphins, cats, elephants, elves, flamingos, frogs (I can’t list them all!).  You really have to see them for yourself.  Plus you get the choice of either downloading the pattern instantly after purchase or having a printed version mailed to you!  Here is just some of the cuteness you’ll find there:

ImageNot only does Funky Friends Factory have tons of patterns, but she also offers kits, supplies, and tips and tutorials for sewing and toy making along with how-to videos. 

So head on over to enter the giveaway, and have a look around while you’re there.  You’re sure to find something you like, and you must might learn something too!  Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for this giveaway! I’ve never tried sewing before but the designs that Funky Friends Factory has to offer are amazing! And she has a penguin, my favorite!!

  2. OMG, I’ve just checked the Funky Friends Factory site and it’s amazing, I’ve been wanting to learn how to make stuffed toys for a while and now I can. So excited about it and the giveaway!!! 😀

  3. Lauren Schulze

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve just ordered my first set of suncatcher eyes and can’t wait for an opportunity to try some more from the extensive range with my favourite toy patterns from FFF 🙂

  4. I’m so so excited about this competition, it was the post on FF that showed me Suncatcher eyes for the firs time, and I think I might need to buy one of everything

  5. I’ve been making Funky Friends animals for years now & almost always use Suncatcher eyes~~so perfect together 🙂

  6. I love the colours you have. How fantastic. I have lots of Funky Friends patterns. These can take my friends to the next level.

  7. Love this giveaway because both products are fantastic. Thanks

  8. These eyes are so cute! And I looove the Funky Friends Factory website 🙂

  9. diggles the dragon would look perfect with purple shimmer eyes 🙂

  10. I had made a white Monkey not long ago for my Aunt. I wanted Gold Eyes for him, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any where I lived. I think the pale gold shimmering eyes on a white Mitch the Monkey would be amazing!

  11. Thank you for offering to give some of your fine products away. So glad to have found your site. I will definitely try your products on my next order. Funky Friends Factory is my favorite pattern source too!

  12. I really appreciate the quality of your craft eyes. They are perfect for my Funky Friends Factory patterns! The Toothless eyes are very cool!

  13. Jami Boshard

    My bulldog will have an extra sparkle in his eyes with your wonderful shimmer eyes. I can’t wait!

  14. I love making Pauline’s patterns, she makes them so easy to follow. Now I have to go, I have gorgeous eyes to browse!

  15. Ashlee Aisenson

    I love the shimmer mint eyes to make a Diggles the dragon!

  16. I love your product and can’t wait to place a order!

  17. Your eyes are fabulous .. if you’ve not made a funky friend be warned the patterns fit together beautifully and they seem to be addictive .. I’ve bought 8 since january .. I guess an eye addiction could soon be added

  18. Love the Funky Friends patterns, and think your eye selection is wonderful. 🙂

  19. Gorgeous eyes and awesome sewing patterns! What more could a soft animal sewer need!

  20. Love the selection of eye colors. They will add so much more to the softies that I make 🙂

  21. Love the eyes and the color selection. They will make the softies look cuter.

  22. THANK YOU!! I have been trying to source cats eyes for ages and now all is good in my sewing world! Time to whip up some lions, tigers and dragons!!

  23. Those are great looking eye. They would make any stuffed animal look great!!!!!!

  24. So glad Funky Friends Factory blogged about this. The eyes are awesome my favourite so far would be Shimmer Rose for Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina. But these eyes would be a welcome addition to any toy. Will definelty be ordering some

  25. coeurdangeheureux

    i love your eyes !!! they are beautiful… i have some patterns from funky friends factory and i love to sew them… maybe i prefer the shimmer eyes… 😉 with a puppy dog peter ^^

  26. Cornelia Ludewig

    I just discovered the eyes, absolutely awesome

  27. Ilse Barteltt

    Have used these before but not in all the colours that you have.I would love the glow in the dark eyes especially for my Teddy bears. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Robert Welborn

    I love these eyes!!! They will look so great on the Bulldog pattern that I purchased from Funky Friends!!!

  29. you have some gorgeous looking eyes there.
    I follow Pauline over at Funky Friends, and she linked us over here. I’ll check out more of your blog latter, got to eat breakfast now. Blessings to you.

  30. I love that you have glow-in-the-dark eyes. Coolest thing ever!

  31. Wow – so very tired of embroidering eye’s and trying to make them look as real as possible or using beads. These eyes are fabulous, can’t pick a favourite. Like the opaque but might just have to try them all.

  32. Sammy the Shark Gun metal grey. Love the range of eyes.

  33. I have made several of FF stuffed toys but in the future, I will try suncather eyes. My next stuffed toy will be the flamingo, and I think I’ll put purple translucent eyes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I just came over from the Funky Friends Factory site. It’s so hard to find craft eyes where I live, so I’m really happy to know about your site! I find eyes add so much personality to my stuffed toys, so using nice ones is a must. I’m sure I’ll be placing an order in the future.

  35. Dawn Fleischman

    I’ve made a few of the Funky Friends Factory toys and intend to order a few more of Pauline’s beautiful patterns soon! I am so happy she has teamed up with you for this contest because I usually order plain black eyes for all my projects. Now that I’ve checked out your site, I can’t wait to sit down and decide on which eyes I will be ordering from you to complete my keepsake/memory teddy bear projects AND my Funky Friends Factory projects! They are AWESOME! So glad to have found your site 🙂

  36. This is a great giveaway. The Funky Friends Factory patterns are great and I already have several of them. These eyes will look great on them!

  37. Your eyes are awesome and perfect for me. I love this kind of giveaway because I learn of products that otherwise I would not know of. And I really hope I win.

  38. I LUV using Suncatcher Craft eyes for my paper mache animals. I’d love to see glow in the dark eyes on Lily the Ladybug.

  39. I have used the Suncatcher craft eyes also on paper mache. I would love to use your bronze eyes on the bulldogs. I love Pauline’s pattern and have several of them, not nearly enough though!

  40. Jamie Shaffer

    I think that these eyes are awesome, I would love to win this give away. I love the funky friends patterns!

  41. These eyes are just wonderful! I would take translucent purple for Randy Rhino next!

  42. What a fab giveaway! I think the shimmer eye catcher eyes would look great with the sugar plum fairy! Of course I would need all the eye catcher colours available to co-ordinate them with corresponding fabric! (Slight OCD) Lol ;), I have the sugar plum pattern, larry the lion and calico bear so would love to add to my expanding and slightly additive collection! And the eye catchers would add “shimmer”!!! Love them all xxxx

  43. This is an amazing give-away, I have made a few of the Funky Friends Factory toys, love them, such a great addiction, 🙂

  44. Would love to use any of the brown or copper or bronze colored eyes on the bulldog pattern! Love thee “real” look to your eyes.

  45. Dana Charlton

    I LOVE your selection of eyes! I want them ALL!! They would look great on the toys!!!

  46. Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait until next payday to get some of these gorgeous eyes!

  47. So glad funky friends is running a comp with you, I’ve been struggling with eyes on my softies. Now I know where to come and get the most amazing eyes for all my creations 🙂

  48. So glad they did this giveaway, or I would never have know about you. I especially love the owl cut eyes. I will be making an order soon.

  49. Oh My Goodness!! I love all of these eyes! The noses are grand also. I am so glad that Pauline at Funky Friends Factory sent me this way. I can see that I am going to be spending a lot of my money here in the near future.

  50. Wooooohoooooo! We have a WINNER!!

    da dah daaaaaah! (drum roll, in case you were wondering!)

    Our lucky prize winner is….

    Kendra- Love this giveaway because both products are fantastic. Thanks

    CONGRATULATIONS Kendra, we’ll be in touch soon to send you the Suncatcher Eyes Voucher and find out which 3 Funky Friends Factory soft toy patterns you’d like as your prize! 🙂

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