Why are Suncatcher Craft Eyes called premium? See for yourself!


Have you ever wondered why Suncatcher Craft Eyes are called “premium” craft eyes?  There is a reason.  There are a few different manufacturers and different price points of craft eyes, and the quality is very different.  Some of these eyes are made with softer plastic, some have large chunks of plastic still attached, some have pupils that aren’t centered or are uneven, some have flaws in the eyes, and some have washers that are nearly impossible to attach. 

It took me a while to figure out who manufactured the best eyes and what manufacturers to avoid.  Unfortunately the only way to find this out was to buy from all of them and compare over the years.  I’ve lost money doing this (and have a lot of duds sitting around my house).  It was worth it because now I know quality craft eyes when I see them, and that makes me more confident in my business knowing that I only offer the best. 

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be good business for me to tell you who or what to avoid when buying craft eyes, but I can offer to let you see for yourself. If you are using craft eyes that you aren’t happy with, I have an offer for you. 

To get a free pair of Suncatcher Craft Eyes mailed to you, send in the following to orders@suncatchereyes.com:

  1. A photo of the craft eyes you bought somewhere else (with the washer backs in the photo as well).
  2. Your name and address.
  3. The size of Suncatcher Craft Eyes you want.
  4. A few color choices (not all colors may be available).

Once I have your information,  I will send you 1 pair of Suncatcher Craft Eyes so that you can see the difference for yourself.  This is first come, first served so hurry while supplies last.  North American customers only at this time (sorry my international friends!).

About Michelle

Creator & owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes.

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