What are translucent eyes?


Did you know Suncatcher Craft Eyes are named for the translucent eyes?  They sure are.  Why?  Because if you hold the translucent craft eyes up to a window, the sunlight shines through them like a sun catcher, and they’re really pretty!  If you look at the photo above, the translucent craft eye is the first one (with the big arrow). You can see how the light shines through the translucent one and not the other two.

The sleepy craft eyes are also translucent so there is more contrast between the black and color:

ImageThere is a trick to using translucent Craft Eyes on dark fabric.  If you add a little bit of white fabric behind the eye (even felt will work), the color will really pop and show up a lot better than without it. 

Little Emo was the first amigurumi I made that had translucent eyes!  Click on the photo below of Little Emo to go to the free crochet pattern.

ImageIf you have any questions about Suncatcher Craft Eyes, leave a message below or email me at suncatchereyes@roadrunner.com.

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  1. What awesome eyes! Do you ever make eyes that are safe for little ones? I think that is my biggest fear whenever I make a doll.

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much! Unfortunately, there are no eyes that are safe for little ones. One of my biggest concerns is that craft eyes sold everywhere are marketed as “safety eyes,” but there is no such thing as safety eyes. This has become a generic term meaning the eyes come with some kind of washer to hold them in place. I’m worried this term can make people think they are okay to use to make products for young children. The safest eyes for little ones under 3 are made of felt or yarn (embroidered, crocheted). There are a lot of tutorials online to show you how to make them. Hope this helps.

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